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As the teacher asks the question, “How do you make the public fall for a scam?”

Back in March 2020 editorialpinups.com started exposing the fraudster Dr. Anthony Fauci and his alleged virus, the Wuhan China virus also named Covid-19.  A career bureaucrat who is allegedly a doctor, this little dweeb, and now we are finding out that he is highly responsible for the creation of the alleged virus, started playing games to destroy the economy, the chances for the Trump reelection, and the gateway to turning the United States into a communist country.

Let’s look at how this has been perpetrated.  First, designate an expert organization.  Normally only one designated organization is needed.  But this being the United States, A non USA land based organization was not going to hold water with the Americans, so a land based organization needed to be designated. With Americans, it is best to have at least two land based organizations.  So, we have The World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Then the expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. While there is the WHO director, Fauci is the American land based expert. Dr. Fauci also has flip flopped throughout.  No Masks, yes Masks.  Just wash up and don’t sneeze on others.  It is like the Flu.  There is no cure, but a vaccine is the solution. Just a tease.

Then Fauci after hearing the BS from Andrew Cuomo saying ventilators we need ventilators, we need hospital rooms, we need hospital rooms. (President Trump supplied these.) So Fauci says we need to lock down for two weeks to flatten the demand for medical emergency rooms. So we lock down.  A year later in the Blue states were still locked down. Red States fell for it, but corrected course much faster seeing the BS. Sweden Aand South Dakota ignored the clown completely.

But something happened.  Real doctors, ones that see patients, found out there were cures.  Cures that already existed. Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc had been used by many doctors with success.  But Fauci tried shooting this down. Many other treatments can also be found on many reports on the Internet.  But, Fauci created an environment with Twitter, You tube, and Facebook removed these reports and continues to do so. Reason? It would shoot down this whole vaccine need.  Fauci, and more and more reports are coming out, along with his sidekick Little Billy Gates has large financial interest in vaccines.  Have a cure, Vaccine shot down.

So, they tried to hide the dissenting reports, removing any evidence with of other successes, discussions of cures.  Then Fauci has a habit of talking negatively about anyone who challenges him.  Rand Paul has been called bad things by Fauci. Many doctors have had their reputations tarnished by Fauci, Gates, and the media.

So Fauci said we need to lock down.  We are all in this together. Wear a mask it is for you and me.  Everything he stated Is based upon top down collectivism. Fauci marveld at how Red China was doing things and though Sweden was full of crap.  

Fauci, President Trump’s biggest mistake.  But unfortunately he came with the White House.  Finally President Trump pushed him aside and put in a more realistic person in.  Then of course Mister Facemask, the corpse, the president alleged, hired him.

Red states were opening up.  They were pushing individual responsibility.  "Neanderthal thinking."  the corpse said. Biden was suggesting travel restrictions to Florida.

Last, the mainstream media went along and bandwagoned. They never challenged Fauci on the science.  They rarely put on  a dissenting view.  Two doctors from California had a  press conference that a local television station covered and was constantly removed from social media, and the closest the mainstream media got to the dissenting science was only to rip the individuals presenting it.  Review here the discussion on the fake news.

This is how do you make the public fall for a scam!


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