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103 not a meme

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Social media.  Giving the average person the ability to say things and have fun doing it.  Various digital tools have given the average person the ability to do some interesting and creative things.

One of these creative things is the creation of Memes.  Memes come in all shapes and sizes.  But they are very commonly a simple one line style statement.

In 2009 the concept of the editorial pinup was created by mixing the concept of editorial cartooning and comics with pinup portraiture.   Pinup portraiture in many cases is on the edge and very sexy and glamours.  Editorial comics and cartooning are intellectually deep as a rule.  One comic can contain multiple messages.  They also can have a central message that shows larger than the other messages.

While showing a friend some of the recent pinups, he mentioned that memes are not complicated, there should not be much writing as it gets complicated. You have to think while looking at an editorial pinup.

He got it! Editorial pinups make you think.  You laugh because you find the message which may not be on top.

Rise to the Challenge and enjoy Editorial pinups!!  


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