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101 try to keep off

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101 try to keep off

101 try to keep off

Something lost in this country is innocent before proven guilty. Another thing that is being lost is true accountability.

When first creating this pinup I had one story in mind to discuss, but then it became two.  

Kicking Trump off Ballots

The original story had to do with Donald Trump being kicked off ballots in Colorado and now Maine. The reason? He oversaw an insurrection.  

The problem is, no court has had or has a case against Trump for insurrection. They have cases against him for things like negotiating a business loan with a bank that the New York said he got fraudulently while no one involved in the transaction has has stated that he committed fraud. Who even puts a law on the books that gives the ability to have a case like this?   

Then there is the case in Fulton County Georgia.  Keep in mind that this is the county that is the second highest ground above sea level of all of the Major League Baseball.  Just don’t mention that to the fans of Hank Aaron.  After all, if he played the majority of his career in Colorado his record would be questioned.  This is also the county that lost the MLB All Star game due to the stupid reaction by politicians when Georgia made adjustments to their voter integrity laws.

But it must be this elevation that caused some real bullshit to happen when counting votes at the 2020 presidential election.  It must be the reason that the Fani Willis starts a case against Trump for doing his job as President of the United States, checking the inconsistencies of the ballot counting process.  This is not overturning the election results.  All levels of counting inconsistency must be investigated or the process is nullified.

If the President, the enforcer of laws, cannot do his job, the let’s just live under a military dictatorship.  That is only good if I control the military which I do not.

So now, the Secretary of State in Maine, Shenna Bellows, has decided to not let the populace have a chance to easily vote for their choice of candidate. Her twitter handle #LetThePeopleDecide  has taken away the ability to let people decide. As Maine allows for legal use of Pot for recreational purposes, I wonder if she had a toke or two before coming to this decision.  After all, Colorado, the most widely know state for legal Pot tried to do the same thing, which is now being held up with a court order.  I won't say that the four judges who decided to kick him off were high, but…….

I had this concern when George Santos was kicked out of the House of Representatives.  He had charges, but no convictions.  Innocent until proven guilty. But some dope ass grandstanding Republicans and Democrats who do not do this to their own, i.e. Senator Bob Menendez, kicked him out.  No one in the House is above the law, but only when proven guilty.
Texas’s New Border Law

The second story comes from Texas. Slated to go into effect in March, Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the ability for state and local law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal immigrants. This comes in response to the administration of the Penis look Corpse to not only not enforce immigration laws, but allowing law enforcement to be overwhelmed by this environment which looks to me like an insurrection on the order of the BLM riots.

Texas has tried to relocate many of the illegals to sanctuary cities and states, but lets face it, thousands per day coming over the boarder, it would take all of the school busses in at least half of the states to disperse this group. So minus the small group sent out, just where do all these people go?  Is the Corps administration’s idea to screw up one of the most prosperous states in the country?  One of the states where people have decided to escape to from California, Illinois, and New York?

If only the federal government can enforce immigration, then an a state make a law called illegal entry by a non-citizen and just lock them up and throw away the key?

Can a state not take care of a federal legal situation when the federal government decides to be derelict in their purpose? Even my home state of Iowa has had illegals delivered in the dead of night with the destination unknown.   Governor Kim Reynolds made sure everyone in the state knew this was happening.
We have a legal process.  The federal government if they are indeed responsible for enforcing the law can only lobby for a change in law while enforcing the current law.  No more, no less.  Until then, the states do have the responsibility to protect their citizens from law breakers!

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