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I have gotten tired and tired of hearing how intelligent or president is.  I have gotten as tired of this as I have and had gotten tired of it back when the Clintons were in power.  Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Both so intelligent.  Both trying to coop 1/6 of our economy by by trying to have a government take over of our economy.  Hilary was the first to state publicly that she wanted a single payer system.  In the primary, our current president implied that he did not want a single payer system.  But bits and pieces have come out that say otherwise.  Regardless if it is coop by single payer or this mess that our president currently has us in, both these two allegedly highly intelligent people have tried to do it.   

Then we have the dog that is on numerous studies, the border collie.  The border collie is according to sheknows.com , “Because of their extraordinary intelligence and high energy, it is  essential to give Border Collies an occupation or purpose, or you may  well find your home wrecked upon your return from a long day at work.”  From pets.webmd.com, “A workaholic, this breed is the world's premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct, and working ability.”

Now with these traits in mind lets look at a comparison of how intelligent the three are.  They work, they have a job, they get some things done.  The big difference is the border collie has not tried to hijack one sixth of our economy by taking over our health care system!

I'll keep my border collie, you can keep these two clowns!

Caricatures  of H.C and B.O. by TD.

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