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120 James O'Keefe

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120 James O'Keefe

                                120 James O'Keefe
Project Veritas.  Is an organization that has used undercover reporting techniques to make break of information the mainstream media either cannot report, will not report, is paid off not to report, or is too afraid to report.

PV in the past had to deal with court cases regarding their work.  This is highly published. Planned Parenthood one of the most prominent.

January 2023 PV breaks a report from a Pfizer executive who has admitted on video that Pfizer was doing “Directed Evolution” other wise know as gain of function research with the purpose of perpetual profits. Also exposed was the effects of the synthetic MRNA injection on women’s reproductive function.

Then in February 2023, less than a month after PV is pushing James O’Keefe out.

Citizen reporter Benny Johnson published the video that James O’Keefe made to tell his staff why he was not going to be there.  It was interesting the reasons presented.  

Various reasons for what is basically a dismissal included high employee turnover, he treated employees improperly, he spent money improperly to name a few.  

PV is funded by donor contributions.  An email has been released begging donors to continue to donate to keep the operation going.  Candice Owens has stated that she was a large PV donor and that she has pulled funding.

So what is going on? I am not sure, but I will speculate. Watch for PV to face legal action by Pfizer. PV is putting itself in a position to be worthless in a lawsuit.  PV is currently a multi million dollar operation.

As O’Keefe is such a central figure in PV, taking him out removes the reason many contribute.  While other reporters have reported, PV is O’Keefe. PV without O’Keefe becomes highly devalued. Pfizer comes and by now.

A new organization will arise.  O’Keefe has all but stated that.

Stay tuned, this will become interesting.

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