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096 Rush Limbaugh Tribute

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My father was a big fan of radio.  He and I went to see Larry Lujack, formerly of WLS and WCFL Chicago, at the Ford City Mall when I was a kid.  He had luch with Bob Collins, formerly of WGN Chicago.  When Don Vogel, the Round Mound of Sound left KSTP AM St. Paul Minnesota and first went to WMAQ then WGN, my dad recorded his shows for me.

I wrote a whole bunch of COBOL code listening to Larry King late at night.  Twice I was a guest on KSTP AM St. Paul, Minnesota Computer Talk Show. I listened to Owen Spann and Michael Jackson writing FORTRAN programs at 3M.

Then came Rush Limbaugh.  I listened.  He made it sound so easy that one day picking up tractor pull tickets I won from KMOM Monticello Minnesota I asked how does a guy get on the air in this town.  Two weeks later I was on the air 10 until midnight Friday and Saturday. Rush gave me the courage to finally walk in and ask that question.

That art time career followed me to Illinois and WGEN Geneseo, then to WKEI and WJRE in Kewanee spanning over 15 years.

When that ended I needed a way to continue to say my mind.  I took my love for Glamour/Pinup portraiture, mixed it with editorial cartooning ( I really cannot draw) and created editorialpinups.com.

Rush’s radio program was what Rush was thinking as he would say. editorialpinups.com became my avenue to say what was on my mind. Rush could not do it without his staff and listeners as I could not do it without the models and viewers.

I created this pinups displaying the faces of all who modeled. In the past weeks I had been reluctant to show models faces in the pinups fearing for their safety from the insurgent left.  In Rush’s passing, I now start showing faces again.  It is what Rush would want.  

Be brave, fear not your statements, and let them try to stop us.  This is the United States of America and radical leftists will be stopped.

Rush, I thank you for helping me find my courage, again and again and again!

Faces will now reappear in honor of Rush Limbaugh and the celebration of the First Amendment.

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