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134 Now That Ron is Gone

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134 Now That Ron is Gone

134 Now That Ron is Gone

Say what you like, Donald Trump looks to be the republican candidate for the presidency at this point.  It is possible that something will happen to not caused this, but as of now, the Republican process is between Trump and Nikki Haley.

So far the mainstream media has not pressed Haley on issues that the citizen media has such as her personal cash flow when exiting he UN post, policies as governor that allowed China to put a footprint in South Carolina and decided not to finish her term, ties to the military industrial complex, and ties to the Bush and company money.

Will they ask her how it was possible that Trump did the following: no wars in his first term, started hardcore trade talks with Red China, kept Little Rocket Man in North Korea from lobbing bombs all over the place, and got the Abraham Accords in process which were creating peace arrangements with Israel and Arab countries.

Now, Trump has to fess up with the Alleged Vaccine debacle, he must prove to be fiscally responsible, and he must do as Vivek Ramaswamy said, clean house at all federal government levels, determining what is really necessary and lead the House in the appropriation process with votes on the separate spending bills, send the bills to the Senate and make them responsible to vote up or down.  Also look at taking the Senate to court for not bringing spending bills to the floor based upon a strict constitutional process.

Stay tuned, the country needs to be made great again.  

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